Civic Matters

WCC’s new signature initiative, Civic Matters, is an innovative program that disrupts systemic barriers to civic engagement for underserved women and creates opportunities for learning and increased and equitable civic participation.

WCC champions policies that strengthen our city and as part of Civic Matters we will partner with academia, nonprofits, government, and women (with a focus on women who have been systemically excluded from civic processes) to co-create culturally competent pathways to equitable civic participation.

Envision a New York City in which women who face systemic barriers to full participation in community and political decision-making processes) are participating and becoming leaders in civic engagement. A research-based program, Civic Matters will transform the structures and composition of civic participation in New York City.

Our multi-tiered programmatic approach that offers opportunities for underserved women to:

  • Learn about civic engagement and why it matters;
  • Use action-oriented tools and resources;
  • Practice using advocacy skills; and
  • Engage directly in advocacy for themselves.

Civic Matters ensures participants are beneficiaries AND collaborators. The program will co-create—with its stakeholders—civic engagement opportunities that connect women with information, education, caregiving support, and leadership opportunities.

Civic Matters Program Elements
Our four program elements will create a pipeline of civic participation in New York City and include:

1. Education and skill-building community workshops;

2. A web-based, action-oriented resource hub;

3. A civic engagement fellowship program; and

4. A university-based civic leadership institute.

WCC is committed to connecting with women where they are and providing programs that meet their needs. For more information, see the Civic Matters one-pager.

In the coming months and years, WCC will unveil specific programs – across New York City – that aim to facilitate greater access and opportunity so that ALL women can become changemakers.