Media Coverage

Media Coverage


12/27/23, 106.7 Lite FM, Get Connected; Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Why Pay Equity Has Stalled in New York City

11/28/23, Daily News; Not yet equal pay for equal work: Women are still behind men on salaries and wages

11/01/23, The New York Times; Pay Gap for Women in New York City Is Unchanged Since 2007, Study Says

10/25/23, BKReader; Here’s What Brooklyn Voters Need to Know About November’s Election

10/23/23, The Spirit; News You Can Use in the Upcoming Election for City Council

10/18/23, Patch; Women Creating Change Launches “Civic Matters Hub”

10/18/23, Harlem World Magazine; A New Resource To Support NYC Women’s Civic Engagement From Harlem to NYC

3/17/23, The Chronicle of Philanthropy; Smithsonian American Women’s History Museum Names First Director

3/15/23, NYN Media; As a nonprofit leader, here’s why I practice the ‘Joy at Missing Out’


2/21/22, Be-Roll News; Lea Giddins: Senior Program and Policy Manager at Women Creating Change


7/22/21, Downtown Magazine NYC; HEAR US ROAR! From jazz to marriage equality to public health, these seven women are changing the many faces of philanthropy (pg. 55)

7/3/21, NY Daily News; A woman’s worth

6/17/21, Gotham Gazette; Increasing Women’s Civic Engagement in New York City

4/29/21, Queens Chronicle; Injustice remains

4/8/21, BronxNet; The Bronx Social Justice and Anti-Violence Forums | Women Creating Change

3/27/21, WFUV; Building Community Through Civic Engagement

1/25/21, Queens Daily Eagle; Opinion: Together We must amplify and elect more women.

1/14/21, Queens Chronicle; Condemn and Move Ahead.

1/08/21, Patch; Women Creating Change Responds to January 6th Insurrection.

1/11/21, Staten Island Advance; Our country was Tested, but There is Hope.


11/18/20, Chelsea News; Post-Election Table Talk: Keep Up the Momentum, Advocates Urge Voters.

11/11/20, Queens Daily Eagle; Carole J. Wacey, Your Votes. Your Voices. They Mattered.

11/07/20, Patch; WCC Post Election Statement, Your Votes. Your Voices. They Mattered.

11/07/2020, CBSN; WCC’s Board Chair Deborah Martin Owens talks about what Kamala Harris’ win means to women (0:32)

10/15/2020, BronxNet TV; WCC’s Program and Policy Manager Lea Giddins and Board Member Dayanna Torres (and Bronx native) discuss voting, 2020 Census and WCC Civiv Matters

10/05/20, New York Daily News; Nearly a Million Immigrants Deserve a Voice, and a Vote, in NYC.

10/01/20, Queens Chronicle; Carole J. Wacey, Opinion: Answer the Census.

8/20/20, Queens Courier; Stakes Have Never Been Higher for Census.

8/10/20, Queens Daily Eagle; The Importance of the 2020 Census Cannot Be Overstated. Extend the Deadline.

8/06/20, Staten Island Advance; Cutting census short threatens progress (letter to the editor)

8/06/20,; Cutting Census Short Threatens Our Progress (Letter to the Editor).

6/11/20, Queens Daily Eagle; Nonprofit Talk: Women Creating Change Expands Civic Engagement During Lockdown.

4/24/20, amNY; Carole J Wacey, Opinion: Voting in the time of COVID-19.

4/01/20, Queens Daily Eagle; Carole J Wacey, Opinion: Let all New Yorkers Vote by Mail for Every Election.

3/23/20, City & State; The 2020 Above & Beyond, Recognizing Women in the Public Sector Who’ve Made Notable Contributions to Society, including WCC President & CEO, Carole J. Wacey.

2/14/2020, NBC LX; Noah Pransky Interviews WCC President & CEO Carole Wacey about Gender Biases in Politics


8/31/19, Cogent Social Sciences; Mixed-methods evaluation of a New York City resource guide for low-income residents.

6/03/19, Positively Gotham Gal; Aiming for a Rising Tide – Carole Wacey, Women Creating Change.

5/12/19, WBAI Radio; WCC President & CEO Carole Wacey discuss WCC name change and civic engagement

5/12/19, WBAI Radio; WCC President & CEO Carole Wacey discuss WCC name change and civic engagement

4/11/19, Queens Chronicle; Forest Hills’ Wacey Has Big Plans for WCC; President: Women’s City Club has become Women Creating Change.

4/02/19, amNY; Carole J. Wacey, WCC President & CEO comments on persistent gender wage gap in New York.

3/27/19, amNY; Long-running NYC Women’s Group Changes Name, Keeps its Focus.

3/26/19, City Limits; Community Wire: Women Creating Change, (formerly Women’s City Club of New York) Moves in a Bold New Direction with a New Vision, Mission and Name.

3/25/19, Patch; Women Creating Change (formerly Women’s City Club of New York) Moves in a Bold New Direction.

3/22/19, CNBC; Women Creating Change Announces Name, Vision Mission at the NASDAQ Opening Bell (00:23)

1/22/19, New York Nonprofit Media; Highlight of WCC Board Chair, Heidi Reavis’ interview regarding the 2019 Women’s March on NYC on WBAI

1/19/19, WBAI Radio; WCC Board Chair Heidi Reavis discussed WCC’s participation in the 2019 Women’s March on NYC on WBAI 99.5 FM


12/13/18, Natfluence; Carole J. Wacey, WCC President & CEO profiled on Natfluence, a platform that features thought leadership from industry experts, leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers. 

11/01/18, New York Lifestyles Magazine; My New York Story, Profile of President and CEO Carole J. Wacey

9/27/18, Washington Post; Washington Post Ad – 80 Leading Women and Human Rights groups speak out in defense of sexual assault survivors

8/14/18, TimesLedger; Letter to the Editor: Registering to Vote is More Important than Ever 

8/11/18, WBAI Radio; WBAI’s City Watch with Carlina Rivera, Amy Loprest & Padma Seemangal

8/7/18, QNS; Women’s City Club President & CEO Carole J. Wacey – Encourages Queens Women to Get Out and Vote 

8/3/18, City Limits; Women’s City Club Launches Summertime Voter Registration Campaign to Engage More Women New Yorkers

7/11/18, Your News; Women’s City Club Elects New Leadership at 102nd Annual Meeting

7/10/18, Patch; Women’s City Club Elects New Leadership at 102nd Annual Meeting

7/10/18, Business Ghana; Ruth W. Lubic, CNM, Ed.D receives award 

6/29/18, City Limits; Women’s City Club of New York Receives Nearly $50,000 in Grants to Support New York City Communities.

6/23/18, The Inquirer; NYC created a website to support women. Philadelphia could follow

5/11/18, Good Morning America; Workplace conversations around #MeToo should be ‘culturally competent and sensitive to the structural barriers that women of color face’: COLUMN

4/27/18, Good Morning America; What are the new rules of the workplace in a post #MeToo world? (Part 2)

4/25/18, Good Morning America; What are the new rules of the workplace in a post #MeToo world?

4/11/18, The Council of the City of New York; City Council Passes Groundbreaking and Far Reaching Legislative Package Targeting Workplace Sexual Harassment

4/6/18, Good Housekeeping; These 10 Humanitarians Are Our Heroes — And They’re All Over 50

3/23/18, MetroFocus Thirteen; Ending Sexual Harassment

3/7/18, The Bronx Free Press; A New Go-to Guide

3/2/18, Patch; Women’s City Club of New York Provides Online Citywide Guides

3/1/18, Labor Press; Image Featured: City Council Takes Aim At Sexual Harassment With Multiple Bills

3/1/18, Brooklyn Daily Eagle; City Council vows to fight workplace sexual harassment

3/1/18, New York Amsterdam News; “Women’s City Club of New York looks at poverty”

3/1/18, Town & Village; Letter to the Editor: Digging Deeper than stats on poverty

3/1/18, amNY; Mandatory Harass Training Bill

3/1/18, WABC Channel 7; WCC Speaks Out Against Sexual Harassment

2/28/18, The Bronx Free Press; A New Go-to Guide” “Una Nueva Guía

2/28/18, Manhattan Times News; A New Go-to Guide” “Una Nueva Guía

2/28/18 – WCC CEO, Carole J. Wacey, speaks at Press Conference Preceding City Council Hearing on Sexual Harassment 

2/28/18, ABC 7 Eyewitness News; WCC Speaks Out Against Sexual Harassment

2/27/18, Queens Ledger; We Need Your Guidance on ‘The Guide’

1/20/18 , WBAI Radio; Women’s City Club of New York CEO, Carole Wacey, discusses Women’s March on NYC

1/19/18, The New York Times; WCC Chief Executive Officer, Carole J. Wacey, Mentioned in New York Today: The Women’s March Returns

1/19/18, NY1; Women’s City Club of New York CEO, Carole Wacey, appears on NY1 to discuss the 2018 Women’s March

1/14/18 – NBC 4 New York; WCC Chief Executive Officer, Carole J. Wacey, discusses WCC participation in the 2018 Women’s March on NY”

1/3/18, Forest Hills Times; Forest Hills resident Named CEO of Women’s City Club


11/27/17, PatchWomen’s City Club of New York Announces Carole J. Wacey as New CEO

11/15/17 – WCC Chief Executive Officer, Carole J. Wacey, celebrates Co-Naming of Ms. Magazine Way

11/06/17, New York Nonprofit MediaNYN Media Buzz: Carole Wacey Announcement

1/10/17 – Women’s eNews Live; Interview with Dr. Lori Sokol and WCC Chief Executive Officer, Carole J. Wacey


11/18/16 – WCC Executive Director, Jacqueline Ebanks, sat down with Nina Del Rio of LiteFM 106.7 and discussed WCC’s upcoming Centennial Conference, programs and civic engagement efforts.

11/16-12/16, Education UpdateCentennial Conference

10/29/16EFE / La Conexion / El Nuevo Diario / ColumbiaThe Director of a Women’s Club in New York Says the Campaign is a “Wake Up” Call

10/26/16Staten Island Advance, SILive.ComCitywide Guides

10/26/16Bronx Free PressCitywide Guides

10/07/16United Federation of Teachers, Brooklyn Parent NewsletterCitywide Guides

10/07/16 – WCC Executive Director, Jacqueline Ebanks, discussed the new Citywide Guides on both the Staten Island and Queens on NY1 Weeks in Review.

10/05/16 – WCC Executive Director, Jacqueline Ebanks, appeared on Eldridge & Co. to discuss WCC’s history and work.

10/04/16 – WCC Executive Director, Jacqueline Ebanks, appeared on BronxNet’s Open show to discuss WCC.

09/29/16 – WCC Executive Director, Jacqueline Ebanks, appeared on New York Nonprofit Media’s podcast.

09/29/16 – BronxNet covered WCC’s Centennial Conference.

09/25/16City Limits; “Women’s City Club of New York, National Institute for Civil Discourse Call for Civility and Issue Debate Standards for Upcoming 2016 Presidential Debates”

09/16/16City Limits“Women’s City Club of New York Hosts Centennial Conference, From Inequality to Equality: Policies and Programs that Work, on September 29”

08/22/16 – WCC Executive Director, Jacqueline Ebanks, discussed the importance of civic engagement and WCC’s Citywide Guide to Services and Resources on BronxNet.

08/20/16 – WCC Executive Director, Jacqueline Ebanks, appeared on WBAI Radio’s City Watch to discuss WCC’s programs, policies and civic engagement efforts.

08/17/16 – WCC Executive Director, Jacqueline Ebanks, appeared on the premiere episode of “Women’s eNews Live” (1490 AM WGCH), a new radio show hosted by Women’s eNews Executive Director Lori Sokol.

04/27/16 – WCC Executive Director, Jacqueline Ebanks, appeared on WPIX to discuss the election and the “woman card.”

04/24/16, On Mogul“Women’s City Club of New York Hosted the 2016 Civic Spirit Awards Dinner in Celebration of 100 Years of Activism”

04/23/16Broadway World“Women’s City Club Celebrates 100 Years of Activism at 2016 Civic Spirit Awards Dinner”

03/29/16, City Limits“As Women’s History Month Ends, the Fight for Equality Continues”