In our second century of service, Women’s City Club of New York remains dedicated to the vision and commitment of its first members.

Every day, we continue to promote civic engagement, activism and leadership to remove the public policy barriers that limit opportunities for New Yorkers.

In 2014, WCC unveiled a new approach to give members a stronger, clearer, and more unified voice. This approach will provide focused, measurable, outcome-oriented ways to increase member involvement in shaping public policy so that all New Yorkers can:

  • Achieve economic stability
  • Enjoy equal opportunity
  • Live in safe and secure communities

Through member-led task forces, WCC will conduct research, publish reports, foster dialogue with public officials, launch public education and advocacy campaigns, and promote civic engagement to:

  • Reduce income inequality
  • Improve public school education
  • Improve government performance
  • Create safe, secure, and affordable housing
  • Increase access to quality health care

These task forces work in conjunction with a robust Community Service Program in which member-led groups will partner with non-profit to provide skills-based volunteer services to community residents.

Stand with us as we advocate for all New Yorkers.