Our Vision

Women Creating Change envisions a more just and equitable New York City where all women are civically engaged.

Our Mission

Women Creating Change is an inclusive community that partners with organizations and with New York City women who have been systemically excluded from civic processes to develop programs and influence policies that result in more equitable civic engagement.

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WCC Announces Name Change!

WCC’s new name – Women Creating Change — reflects the path ahead to empower women to create change in their communities and shape the future of New York.

WCC at NASDAQ: Click here to see photos and video of our name change announcement at the NASDAQ.

Originally incorporated as a club in 1915, Women Creating Change, formerly Women’s City Club of New York, historically offered women the opportunity to meet at a Manhattan-based location to promote education and social welfare through research and policy. In recent years, WCC has moved away from a traditional clubhouse structure and has, instead, strived to expand its reach to meet women across all five boroughs.

After a comprehensive examination of WCC’s past, present and future, WCC agreed that to be welcoming, relevant, impactful and, most importantly, inclusive, the organization is best served by a new name, new vision, and new mission.

The new name — which reflects a forward-thinking, inspirational approach — gets at the heart of the organization’s new vision: “All women have the power to be changemakers to create a more equitable New York City.”