Workshop Design Team

Get Paid to Make a Difference in Your Community.

  • Are you looking to make an impact in your community, but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like to build your resume with experiences like designing and implementing workshops?
  • Do you want to meet and share ideas with other amazing women from across NYC in a safe, virtual space?

Meet the Women of the 2023 Workshop Design Team (WDT)
Thank you to the following WDT members of the 2023 group for coming together, thinking creatively, and co-producing an upcoming Civic Engagement workshop.

Not pictured: Adama Bah; Brandi Alduk; Jamila Khan; Kimberly Watkins;
Shana De Souza;
Takiyah Ali

Meet the 2021-2022 Workshop Design Team

About the Workshop Design Team Sessions

The Workshop Design Team will help the nonprofit Women Creating Change (WCC) shape all aspects of developing its Civic Matters Workshop Program, which aims to build a women’s civic engagement community with information, education, and networks to make a positive difference. 

The Workshop Design Team offers a series of interactive sessions where previous workshop participants gather to shape the direction of the workshop program. As a member, you will be a full collaborator in co-developing the future of the Civic Matters Workshop Series, including reflecting on previous workshops, and making decisions about future topics, goals, outreach, materials, and more. The purpose of the Workshop Design Team is to build workshops with specific attention to the variety of needs and lifestyles each woman brings into the space. We hope to accomplish this through developing a community-led curriculum and providing an exciting, collaborative leadership opportunity for women of New York City. 

Why are we doing this?

We know that women face many social, economic, and political barriers to participating in civic processes due to fundamental societal inequities and oppression. WCC believes that there is power in knowledge, community, and in our collective voices. Through the Workshop Design Team, we are looking to build a workshop program with: 

  • Content by women, for women that provides meaningful and relevant information, tools, and resources 
  • A welcoming, low-stress, and inclusive space for women
  • Opportunities for participants to make material improvements in their lives

The Workshop Design Team Sessions will be a place to share ideas and enable workshop participants to take an instrumental role in building the program.

Research shows that 75% of non-profits in the USA collect data, but only 6% feel they are using it effectively. WCC is striving to do more. The Workshop Design Team aims to move beyond participant feedback and towards direct involvement in the development of the Civic Matters Workshop series. If you’re interested in being part of this change, please sign up!


  • Have attended at least one Civic Matters Workshop
  • No knowledge of or experience with civic engagement is required to attend

Benefits of participation:

  • Compensation: $50 per entire session
  • Credential: Attend four or more sessions and be recognized as a “Workshop Design Leader” on WCC’s website and receive a certificate
  • Leadership: Develop discussion, teamwork, program design and implementation skills! As a member, you will be a full collaborator in building the future of WCC’s Civic Matters Workshop Series, with ownership over workshop topics, goals, and more (see previous workshop information here)
  • Learning: Each session will cover different topics and activities related to civic engagement and women’s interests
  • Networking: Relationships and connections with like-minded women and valuable experience to add to your resume

Details and Format:

  • The Workshop Design Team Sessions are monthly, which means you have multiple opportunities to be a part of the process. If you like what you experience, we hope to welcome you again next month. 
  • Each Workshop Design Team Session will include up to 10 previous Civic Matters Workshop participants and will be facilitated by Deneisha Thompson.
  • Sessions will last 60-90 minutes and include discussion and interactive activities.

Participation Expectations:

  • We ask for your active participation and your camera on (unless there are tech/other issues)
  • If your participation is confirmed and you can no longer attend, please let us know in advance.
  • We expect members to attend the entire session and to alert the team if they are unable to stay for the whole time.
  • We may ask to record sessions for internal transcript purposes to make sure that we are capturing all of your ideas. As a member, you will be asked for permission in advance, and have full access to those transcripts, which will be anonymous. 


As each session is currently capped at 10 members, your indication of interest does not guarantee your participation in the upcoming session. However, by filling out the form you will be added to a waitlist to participate in future sessions.

Selection Process:

WCC staff will select members based on responses to the interest form, level of interest, and previous workshop participation to ensure that we are getting a diverse and representative group of people in the room. After the first session, we will prioritize repeat attendance in selecting Workshop Design Team members. 

**No knowledge of or experience with civic engagement is required to join/attend!**


Diversity of experience, perspective and identity are crucial to our mission. We highly encourage women, non-binary individuals, Black, Indigenous, Asian, Hispanic, Latinx, low-income, and LGBTQ+ people to join the team!


Additional Information: