Civic Matters Workshop: Sip & Learn: Racial Equity and Government Accountability


Flyer Text:

Racial equity is on the ballot this November and your vote counts! Grab something to sip on and join Civic Matters for an evening of dialogue and conversation about racial equity and its connection to government accountability, the upcoming ballot proposals, and how to activate your friends and family to make their vote count.

Together, we will answer the following questions:

  1. Why should I always look at the back of my ballot?
  2. How is racial equity connected to government accountability?
  3. How can I respond to “Voting doesn’t matter” (and all the other things people say about why they don’t or won’t vote)?

Facilitator: Deneisha Thompson

Workshops are designed for participants 18+ who identify as women who are relatively new to civic engagement. We especially welcome primary caregivers, and wage workers, gender-expansive, Black, Indigenous, Asian, Hispanic, Latinx, low-income, and LGBTQ+ persons.

Wednesday 26 October at 6:00 PM