Making a difference in New Yorkers’ lives is at the heart of WCC’s work.

Through member-led Task Forces, WCC conducts research, publishes reports, fosters dialogue with public officials, launches public education and advocacy campaigns, and promotes civic engagement. Our goal is to eliminate the social inequities that deprive citizens of the opportunity to thrive, within seven key areas of focus. WCC’s policy and advocacy activities highlight how these inequities disproportionately impact women and girls, at every phase of the lifecycle, and takes into account matters of race, differing abilities, age and aging, geography, gender identity, immigration status and financial means.

Our seven areas of focus are listed below. All seven areas are inter-connected and must be continuously addressed in the effort to build and maintain a City in which all citizens can thrive. WCC selects issues within these areas for specific action and advocacy.

The Environment

Criminal Justice

Good Goverment


Housing and Homelessness

Income Inequality

Public Education