Physical Education Task Force

Chair: Amy Schwartz

2012 Priorities

Continue working with City officials and outside experts to improve physical fitness for students in our City’s public schools.  Urge the New York City Department of Education (DOE) to meet state mandates for physical education classes to promote student health,well-being, and improved academic performance.  Educate the public and advocate for change with government officials.

Click here to read the PETF’s Campaign Summary.

WCC Report on Physical Education in New York City Schools.

Recent Accomplishments

  • 4/15/13 – PETF hosted the conference, Healthy Minds in Healthy Bodies: The Case for Implementing a Full Physical Education Curriculum in New York City’s Public Schools. Keynote speaker was Dr. Lynn Couturier, Chair and Professor in Department of Physical Education at SUNY Cortland. The conference was featured here.
  • 2/07/13 – The WCC Task Force joined with American Heart Association to host a press conference urging the NYCDOE to conform physical education programs to State mandates. NY1 featured the topic on The Call and with a story.
  • 11/08/12Huffington Post Op Ed.
  • 4/19/12 Testifies before the New York City Council Education Committee, urging PE when New York City schools are co-located.
  • 3/19/12 Testifies at the NYC Council Budget Hearing for City health agencies urging city council members to provide funding for the NYC Strategic Alliance for Health: a partner group advocating for school-based physical education reform.
  • 1/23/12 Appears on the television show, Getting Your Money’s Worth, to discuss the lack of physical education in city schools, in particular the public school’s inability to comply with State mandates.
  • 1/20/12 – Requests data from the NYC Office of School Wellness Programs to support WCC’s efforts to ensure DOE complies with State requirements for physical education in schools.
  • 10/28/11 New York Times publishes WCC letter outlining positive association between P.E. and academic performance.
  • 10/4/11 – As a result of WCC advocacy, NYC Comptroller audits P.E. in NYC schools, finding that mandates for physical activity are not being met; NYC DOE agrees with audit’s findings and will update its P.E. plan.
  • 7/15/11 – Committee meets with Dr. Roger Platt, CEO of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to discuss WCC recommendations for physical activity in the schools.  Further discussion continues.